West End Wigglers is truly a baby and toddler group with a difference.

We understand the immense importance of early childhood development, and that’s why we focus on incorporating movement, sensory play, and storytelling into our musical sessions. Our carefully curated selection of music, ranging from musicals and TV to film and stage, along with the timeless classics, engages young minds and sparks their creativity. Through music, singing, and movement, children not only have a blast but also develop crucial cognitive and social skills. Our unique approach creates a fun and stimulating environment where little ones can thrive, making West End Wigglers the perfect place for them to grow and learn.


Music and singing are like magic for babies, and at West End Wigglers, we’ve crafted the perfect place for them to experience this enchantment.
From the tiniest newborns to active explorers, there’s no minimum age to join our musical journey. We understand that music has the power to soothe, stimulate, and foster early development.
Our engaging sessions not only introduce little ones to the world of music but also provide a platform for parent-child bonding. However, as your baby grows and starts confidently walking, they may graduate to our Toddler group, where they can explore movement and sensory experiences even further.
West End Wigglers is where the love for music begins, ensuring your baby’s early years are filled with joy, learning, and unforgettable memories.
Toddlers are bursting with energy and curiosity, and music and singing are the perfect outlets for their vibrant spirits.
At West End Wigglers, we’ve designed our classes to be even more interactive and dynamic, tailored specifically to the evolving interests and abilities of toddlers. Music not only fosters their language and communication skills but also channels their boundless enthusiasm into creativity and self-expression.
Through movement, sensory play, and storytelling, our Toddler classes provide an engaging space for them to explore, learn, and develop essential social skills.
West End Wigglers is where toddlers thrive, forging a lifelong love for music and a strong foundation for their future learning adventures.


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